You. Are. Beautiful.

“We really need to update our photos, but I need to lose twenty pounds first.” “I am not photogenic.” “I hate the way I look in pictures.” “I think we are just gonna shoot photos of the kids this year.”

I hear these things from my clients all the time. It breaks my heart for so many reasons. We are all, especially women, way too hard on ourselves and we need to STOP. The person you see in the mirror is not the same person your loved ones see when they look at you. They see a beautiful, vibrant, amazing human being who they love madly, flaws and all.

What I want for you to see when you look at your images is the incredible beauty of your spirit and heart that shines through your eyes. The way your laugh lights up your face. The love shared between you and your loved ones.

Exist in photos. It is a gift to those that love you. It just may also be an unexpected gift to you.

Let’s talk about how to create something beautiful that shows the world how you sparkle. Because you DO.

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