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Two things I love about my job: the incredible people I get to work with, and the places I get to travel. When those two things take me to the mountains of Colorado, my heart just sighs. Seeing old friends, hiking through Red Rocks and the mountains, and photographing two gorgeous senior girls (as well as two more special families) made for an amazing trip! Before we get into all the great stuff that happened on the last trip, let’s take a moment to say that if you have a place that is special to you and you would like to plan a shoot there, let’s talk!! I absolutely do travel with and for my clients and we can make this happen!

Last summer, my friend Ronica texted to see if I might be headed to Colorado in the fall to visit my sister. If I was, would I be interested in capturing senior photos for (her) Julia (we both have a Julia)? Oh, and another old San Antonio friend whose daughter was a senior had also expressed interest. Yes!! Let’s make this happen! We organized two Senior Experience sessions, bonus shoots to capture their individual sports, and I was able to add two family sessions to the weekend (yep…grab the energy supplements).

For Emma, we planned a quick trip out to Red Rocks to really kick off the Colorado vibe. Emma brought her adorable labradoodle, who has been part of their lives since they lived in Texas. (The answer to “can we include the dog” is ALWAYS yes.) She rocked a fabulous blue dress from my style closet as well, and then we headed over to Lookout Mountain to take in the insane views and watch the sun set over the hills. Emma is simply exquisite, and she absolutely glowed in front of the camera. She was so much fun to photograph!

The next morning we met early at a local pool for an incredible sports session. When you look like a supermodel, you make swimming totally glamorous. I learned what a “swim parka” was, and once again, Emma nailed every look (and the fly).

For Julia, we went back to Lookout Mountain for her session. I have known this beautiful, sweet girl since she was in first grade. She has such a joyful spirit, and the most infectious giggle. Between all the laughter and conversation, we captured both her soft side and her silly side. I loved that they wanted to tell the story of her Colorado spirit and Texas roots, so I brought a Texas flag, and they added a Colorado one. (Did we photograph the Texas flag upside down in one of her shots?? Sadly…yes. My son would be horrified. LOL)

Julia cheers for Valor Christian School in Denver, so we met early the next morning on campus at Valor to capture her sports images in the amazing football stadium there. It was chilly and a bit windy, but Julia is a rock star and we nailed it just in time to get her to class.

The weekend was capped off with two family sessions with some pretty special humans – the Mackenzies and the Krza crew. Some are family, some are like family. Family sessions are all about fun and laughter, and capturing the relationships and personalities of your tribe! We shot some of these at their homes, and some at a local park. Everywhere in Denver is gorgeous. Seriously.

I’ll be headed back to Denver this fall for a few weeks, so contact me to reserve your spot! I’ll be booking Class of 2021 seniors, family sessions, kids, and headshots. I can’t wait to go back! (Special shout out to my sister and her fam for hosting me when I come out!!)

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