Remember when portraits were carefully staged, heavily filtered images that looked as if they were from another time? Did they feel like YOU? Let’s get real, parents. Did your senior portraits involve a drape and a head tilt, or a fantastically awful electric blue background? Do you have an old family portrait shot in a big portrait studio, perhaps in front of “bucolic meadow #64 with split rail fence?” Me too! That is NOT how we do things anymore. The portrait experience is now so much more creative and FUN! It's all about capturing YOU, your family, your story. 

You want portraits that capture the beauty and amazingness in the faces of the people you love most. If you’re a senior, you want your portraits to be unique and fresh, and not look like everyone else’s, right? Let’s do that! Let’s go out and capture the stuff that makes you, YOU. If you are a parent, you want portraits on your wall that celebrate these people you love so fiercely that you call your tribe. And, because I am also a parent of two young adults and I GET IT…part of my goal for you parents is to give you portraits that remind you that you love your kids, even on the days you don’t like them very much. 

Some people know exactly what they want from their session, and some begin this journey with a completely blank slate. Sometimes I see a total “deer in the headlights” look from you guys when we first meet. I am here to HELP you. We will work together start to finish to make sure that this experience is stress free and fun! From our initial consultation to the installation of portraits in your home, I want to make sure you love your experience. 

finding out who you are and making that come alive in your portraits is my favorite part

behind the lens

Hi there, I'm Jennifer

Let’s tell your story.

Our stories are crafted in milestones, and in moments. Let’s capture those moments, those feelings, and those faces, so that you can see and enjoy them every day.


I believe that every person’s most natural, radiant smile happens at the end of their laugh.

I believe that every photo tells a story.

I believe that not every photo needs a smile.

I believe that photographs should capture life and relationship.

I believe that photoshoot day should be FUN, not stressful.

I believe that everyone can be photogenic. 

I believe black and white images are incredibly powerful.

I believe in printed portraits.

I believe my images are art, featuring the people you love most. 

I believe hot tea is essential.

I believe in dark chocolate as a food group.

I believe that music is powerful and should be included in every day.

I love Jesus, but I cuss a little. (But not in front of kids!)

I believe in giving back, in all the ways that I can. 

I believe that animals make life better, and that yes you should bring your pet to your photo shoot!

I believe in giving people an experience they will remember every time they look at their portraits. 

my manifesto

Your Photo Session

Whether here in Texas, in Colorado, or traveling to the east coast and setting up in New York City, your photo session experience will be one of a kind, perfectly tailored to you.

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When I started this business, I knew it was really important for me to find ways to serve others with both my heart and my camera. Since 2008, I’ve served as a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a non-profit organization providing heirloom portraits for families with babies that will never leave the hospital. This work is heart-breaking and poignant, and I am so honored to be a part of this organization. I am currently serving as a volunteer photographer in San Antonio, and have been a part of the National Volunteer Leadership and Training Team. I became a photographer to capture love and connection, and this work embodies that desire in its purest form.

One of my greatest joys also comes from donating my photography and graphic design skills to benefit Guide Dogs of Texas (GDTX). Guide Dogs of Texas provides quality guide dogs for Texans who are visually impaired to increase their freedom, mobility, and independence. I have been working with GDTX on their calendars since 2012, as well as providing images for their vans, website, brochures, and more. Let’s face it, any day spent with puppies and labradors is a pretty great day!

In working with me, you too are making a difference for these organizations. Part of every single session fee is donated to Guide Dogs of Texas, and your support makes it possible for them to further their mission. Your support of Jennifer Denton Photography also makes it possible for me to continue to serve these incredible organizations.

& Giving Back