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The Jennifer Denton Photography Experience

We create portraits that capture you...who you are, what you're about. You want portraits that stand out from the crowd, that have that wow-factor, and are fun to create. That is what we are about. I want to give you a photography experience that is fun and enjoyable. One of my senior clients once told me that working with me for her senior portrait session was “one of the highlights of her senior year.” Best news ever!

From the initial consultation to the finished product, my goal is to help you capture moments and create gorgeous art for your home featuring the subjects you love most! There are so many fun ways to show off your pictures, from storyboards to albums to holiday cards to share with family and friends. 

The experience

Your gift and talent is incredible and we’re amazed at how you captured the person Matthew has become!


Patricia (mom - Matt Nellor, Class of 2020)

Jennifer was the first photographer I hired to do the Style Inspiration interviews for 1010ParkPlace. It was a learning experience for both of us, but without her technical talent as a photographer and her ease with her subjects, I believe our future interviews would have taken a very different turn. Whether she’s photographing the most powerful woman in Hollywood or a boutique owner in the Texas Hill Country, Jennifer has a disarming way of making a photo shoot a joyful experience for everyone. She continues to be an important and valued contributor to 1010ParkPlace. More than that... She’s become my dear friend. -Brenda Coffee, Founder/CEO,


Hey there, I'm Jen

Why do I shoot? Time passes quickly, and I want to remember it all

I can’t stop freezing time and creating mental snapshots as I watch the world around me. When it comes to my family, the moments feel so fleeting sometimes. Do you feel that way?