In this visual society, our images are everywhere. What is it you want to project? What is your brand? Let’s work together to create images that showcase that.

 Are you building a new website? You want excellent service and amazing images that reflect the heart and personality of your brand. 

When was the last time you updated your headshots or branding images?

Prior to your session, we will have a consultation either in person or by phone to discuss location, wardrobe, and our goals for the session, as well as how you would like to use and display your images. This ensures that we share the same vision and get the most from our time together.

I have a team of professional make-up artists and hair stylists that we can access to really make you feel polished and camera ready. We will go over your wardrobe choices in detail to ensure that you look your best and feel confident. There are tons of amazing locations to choose from, including my studio shooting space. We will talk about what will work best for your session and the images we want to create.

After the session, we will meet to view the images I have selected for you and discuss further how you want to display them. There are many creative ways to showcase your images and I look forward to sharing them with you!

More than just a headshot

My family and I have used Jennifer Denton Photography for over 10 years. And every time, whether organizing family portraits or professional branding photos, she makes the process from beginning to end, just easy.  Jennifer gets to know her clients in an intentional way to ensure the photo shoot is purposeful and meaningful—to get the best outcome! Jennifer helps with logistical aspects from assisting with wardrobe choices, locations, and even has contacts for hair and makeup professionals! Every detail is carefully thought out and planned, to ensure the finished product meets my goals. Jennifer is professional, kind, funny, and caring. She is the best! -Kristen Hood


Jennifer has a unique way of "reading" her clients - their personalities and their visions for what they hope to see in a finished product. We have worked with Jennifer for years. Not only has she beautifully captured our large family for Christmas card photos, my professional headshots and individual portraits of our children but we recently entrusted her with the cover photo of our upcoming book, "Hope Found", as well. She's hardworking and truly listens to her clients. You won't be disappointed with her beautiful creative work! -Ginger Ravella, Mom, wife, author, public speaker.


Jennifer was the first photographer I hired to do the Style Inspiration interviews for 1010ParkPlace. It was a learning experience for both of us, but without her technical talent as a photographer and her ease with her subjects, I believe our future interviews would have taken a very different turn. Whether she’s photographing the most powerful woman in Hollywood or a boutique owner in the Texas Hill Country, Jennifer has a disarming way of making a photo shoot a joyful experience for everyone. She continues to be an important and valued contributor to 1010ParkPlace. More than that... She’s become my dear friend. -Brenda Coffee, Founder/CEO,


I want to create more than just a headshot for my clients. My goal is to bring creativity, knowledge, and connection to every session. I think differently about commercial photography, bringing not only my education, but my experience as a portrait photographer into the mix. Connecting with my clients is very important, and allows me to know just how to create the right images for your needs. We’ll dig in and unpack who you are, the story of your brand, and what message you want to communicate through your photographs.

We will work together step by step to create images that reflect the heart and soul of your brand, showing your clients who you are and what you do in a way that has impact and demonstrates value. We live in a visual society, and so much of our brand and persona is communicated through the visual images we choose to represent us. Let’s tell your story and connect with your audience.

My passion for photography started in college with the gift of my first camera, and it bloomed into a vocation 13 years ago after my children were born. I wanted to capture every milestone, every moment. I’m constantly creating mental snapshots in my head as I watch the world around me. Since then, I’ve studied with photographers from all over the world to expand my knowledge and experience. I hope I never stop learning and growing.

You have invested in your education, your business, your brand. Professional portraits are an investment in your brand as well. You want your headshot, your website, and your social media to communicate to the world who you are, what you do, and what you’re all about. Let’s connect and make that happen!

Meet Jen


I believe that every person’s most natural, radiant smile happens at the end of their laugh.

I believe that every photo tells a brand’s story.

I believe that every headshot is unique, and that not every headshot needs a smile.

I believe that photographs should capture personality and authenticity.

I believe that photoshoot day should be enjoyable, not stressful.

I believe that everyone can be photogenic.

I believe black and white images are incredibly powerful.

I believe hot tea is essential, and that dark chocolate is a food group.

I believe that music is powerful and should be included in every day.

I believe that animals make life better.

I believe in giving back, in all the ways that I can.

I believe in giving people an experience they will remember every time they look at their portraits.

my manifesto