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“We really need to update our photos, but I need to lose twenty pounds first.” “I am not photogenic.” “I hate the way I look in pictures.” “I think we are just gonna shoot photos of the kids this year.” I hear these things from my clients all the time. It breaks my heart for […]

You. Are. Beautiful.


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One night only? Maybe not….Do you have a formal you wore JUST ONCE to an event? Let me guess, it wasn’t easy to find. It was a hunt. It may have been expensive. You felt SO great in it. Here’s an idea: bring it to your shoot! Why not? Pick your favorite formal (or formals), […]

Formal Gowns…One Night Only

Many of my senior clients opt to go for professional hair and makeup, and some are totally unsure if it’s for them, so let’s unpack that. Some common questions I hear are: What does that entail? I work with professional hair and makeup artists who excel at making you feel your best in front of […]

Professional Makeup… Yes or No?

finding out who you are and making that come alive in your portraits is my favorite part

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